Fire Monitoring Specialists


Emergencies can occur anytime and at any place. When lives are at risk, emergency communications need to reach people quickly. SAFElink understands the importance of this, which is why we offer full monitoring services for Fire/Sprinkler monitoring, Intrusion, Medical, and Supervisory alarms.


Our fully computerized monitoring station provider located in the GTA area is fully redundant and linked to other sister stations for disaster recovery.


It is also listed by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada for burglar, fire and life safety service alarm monitoring.


Qualified operators monitor a variety of incoming signals using advanced electronic monitoring equipment. Alarms, medical, supervisory communications, and verifications are performed using the latest technology such as Digital receivers, Internet monitoring, GSM cellular monitoring, DVAC, and more.


We can provide daily, weekly, or monthly reports sent via e-mail or fax.

Fire Alarm System

SAFElink Group is a highly respected leader in the fire industry. This is because our fire detection and alarm processing capabilities set us apart from our competition. Our advanced solution services are made possible by encompassing highly trained (CFAA) certified technicians, excellent technical product knowledge, and by delivering “honest pricing with integrity” to adhere to our company motto.


Our service technicians are certified and trained to produce annual inspection reports with deficiency lists to ensure that our clients are able to maintain current system certifications and also maintain their premises in accordance with provincial and municipal fire code requirements.


The SAFElink staff handles many facets of their clients’ needs. We are experienced to install and retrofit any existing wiring and panel replacement for both commercial and residential purposes. Additionally, we provide third-party verification of work done by other contractors and offer complete design-build solutions inclusive of certified systems to meet the different provincial fire code requirements. With a strong reputation in honesty, reliability, and quality, our team of skilled, dedicated technicians will provide a professional quality service to ensure complete satisfaction and problem-free solutions for our clients.

Fire Extinguisher
SAFElink has a complete line of suppression systems, dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents products for its clients.Our services are also designed to meet the safety requirements and challenges of industries, commerce, and private residences. The service department will inspect, service, install, and sell a variety of extinguisher products to meet Provincial fire code specifications and certifications. Portable fire extinguishers are used as a first line of defense for small area fires. Fire extinguishers are required even if premises are equipped with automatic sprinkler systems in order to meet fire code. They must also be preventatively maintained and serviced annually to ensure their performance to extinguish small fires.
Fire Sprinkler System
As a full fire service company, we have the capabilities to offer clients with full and comprehensive water-based fire protection service. With our goal of protecting people and properties, no fire sprinkler project is too large or too complex to undertake. From wet and dry systems, hydrates, glycol loop, antifreeze systems, fire pumps, and designed-built engineered systems, SAFElink ensures the needs of each client are met to the best of its ability. SAFElink Group incorporates the most advanced sprinkler technology in all its projects and services regardless of the challenges met.
Special Hazards
With present-day high-risk environments and equipment, there is a need to provide special sophisticated fire protection for high-risk operations, such as high-value equipment, and of course, life safety. SAFElink Group is ready to meet these challenges by providing a broad range of fire suppression solutions. We will address each special hazard need by evaluating individual requirements which may vary from pre-action and deluge systems to gaseous extinguishing agents such as FM 200, argon, halon kitchen suppression, and others. We provide semi-annual inspections when mandatory, and will also ensure provincial fire code. We will also guarantee that fire suppression systems are regularly tested and conform to local fire code requirements.
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