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An on-site security guard can only be in one place at a time. With our virtual guard service, we can monitor multiple surveillance cameras thus allowing us analysis multiple areas at the same time and detect suspicious activity faster than an on-site security guard. Utilizing our service will allow you to detect and deter crime while reducing costs over traditional guard services.

All of our systems are located in a Tier III datacenter thus ensuring maximum uptime and security. Our surveillance control centre can detect unusual activity in real-time utilizing the vide on cameras, activate a speaker warning to deter the thieves, and call the local police. If something does go wrong, we have the ability to provide instantaneous video verification to law enforcement and clients, reducing false alarms and response times, and providing easy access to recorded footage in the event of litigation. We can even work to convert an existing system, making sure your business and employees are safe 24/7, no matter what the scenario.


A security guard can cost you upwards of $60,000 annually per guard. Some of the more experienced guards or off-duty police officers will cost more. This does not include the necessary equipment and contract fees.

Less Liability

Our virtual security service can remotely assess a situation without putting anyone in danger. SAFElink’s team vigilantly watch’s over all your property, employees, distributors or visitors remotely from our state-of-the-art Control Centre and will contact the authorities who can properly deal with criminals.
Virtual Video Solutions:

Allow our clients the ability to manage physical surveillance tasks remotely, with constant recording and monitoring, which in turn can significantly reduce the financial outlay for the supply of physical surveillance. We provide a remote management service based upon our clients’ needs through surveillance and virtual concierge solutions. SAFElink will install new analytic intelligent cameras; upgrading your current systems, detecting motion, heat signatures, line crossing as well as loitering, object counting, object left behind / object removed, license plate tracking and any other parameters you select.  Once an alarm occurs, it will automatically alert our Control Centre team, transmitting a real-time video feed of the event.  

Lone worker /Panic Response:

For industries in which a single employee is working late at night, safety can be a concern. Our Virtual Guards can both check-in at predetermined times and be made available at the press of a Panic Button. Whether a worker is threatened or needs assistance with some other kind of emergency, the Virtual Guard will immediately respond via cameras and audio, ensuring that the appropriate help is dispatched to assist the employee.

Virtual Doorman:

The Virtual Doorman feature may be used to check visitors into a gated area or an unmanned lobby. A virtual doorman can check, validate and record the person’s information using audio and video, and if they meet the pre-determined requirements of the customer, the gate or door will then be opened to allow them access. In the instance that the person has not been approved, the doorman will not allow them in the gate or door and can contact the owner to verify whether or not they would like to allow the person inside. If said person is deemed dangerous, further action will be taken as necessary. If needed, the virtual doorman will keep a log of all employee activity at the door.

Virtual Opening and Closings:
Many businesses are required either by insurance or company policy to have two people present when opening or closing a store. Virtually monitored openings and closings can assist by being the second person remotely. Since all activity is being monitored and recorded, in some senses it is even better than just having two employees there. Everything will be accounted for at the end of the day, plus, the employee who is closing will feel safer knowing that someone is there to help in case of emergency. The owner can have all access to the video feed, as well, so that they can ensure employees are doing everything according to protocol.
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