Wellness & Home Security


With the growing number of aging adults living at home, there is an increased need for non-intrusive systems that help maintain independence and safety.


Wellness integrates a suite of sensors and devices in the home to intelligently monitor overall quality of life. In addition to responding to life threatening events, our solution provides actionable information that can improve patient outcomes and lower care costs. Applying predictive analytics to the data generated by devices, Wellness baselines behavior routines and proactively alerts caregivers and loved ones when changes occur that indicate an emerging problem.


More than a panic pendant, Wellness offers a broad safety net to detect accidents or changes in condition. Your customers will receive notifications when their loved one is:

  • Inactive during normally active hours
  • Away from bed for a prolonged time at night
  • Opening a door outside of normal hours
  • Accessing medication at prescribed times
  • Not opening the refrigerator door daily

Wellness helps track:

  • Unusual activity
  • Nighttime safety
  • Up and About status
  • Fall Detection
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